Dec 19,2023

Main application areas for pulp molded products

  I. Products

  Plant fiber molded products, also known as pulp molded products, are mainly used in the field of food packaging, also known as meal packages, industrial packaging field, also known as work packages. In fact, the pulp molding process is also a three-dimensional papermaking, its application areas are not only meal packages, industrial packages can be summarized. For example: pulp molded three-dimensional wallpaper belongs to the field of architectural springs, pulp molded cow plugs and sheep plugs belong to the field of animal husbandry, pulp molded hangers, pulp molded shoe lining belongs to the field of clothing shoes, etc., pulp molded products across the industry boundaries.

  However, at present, pulp molded products to meal packs, work packs are mainly biodegradable plant fiber molded environmental protection packaging products. Pulp molded meal packs, that is, environmentally friendly food packaging products are biodegradable plant fiber molding environmentally friendly food packaging containers, mainly including meal boxes, instant noodle bowls, plates, cups, plates, net food preservation trays and so on.

  Biodegradable plant fiber molded environmentally friendly packaging products is the use of fast-growing plant fiber cardboard (bagasse, wheatgrass, wheat straw, bamboo, etc.) or discarded paper recycled paper as raw materials, the use of unique technology and specialized additives, after special treatment of cardboard material infused into the three-dimensional molds, made of a variety of shaped blanks by vacuum dehydration, in the stereotypes of a special mold mold compression molded three-dimensional paper-based products.


  The main technical performance index of the product is shown in the table below

  Product technical performance index table

  Item Technical performance index

  Waterproof performance Sheng 95 ± 5 ℃ hot water, 60 ℃ environment constant temperature 30min without leakage

  Oil-proof performance 120±5℃ hot oil, 60℃ ambient temperature for 30min without leakage.

  Compression resistance 5% change in height when loaded with 3kg.

  Volume deviation ±5

  Mold erosion test ≥ Ⅲ grade

  Microbiological test Coliform 30 / 100g, pathogenic bacteria (refers to enteric pathogens) shall not be detected

  Lead (pb) ≤1mg / L

  Arsenic (AS) ≤1.0mg/kg

  Fluorescent substances, any one 100c ㎡ sample fluorescence area shall not be greater than 5c ㎡.

  II. Quality standards

  The product quality standard of pulp-molded meal bag implements the General Technical Standard for Disposable Biodegradable Food and Beverage Utensils, and the pulp-molded tableware production line mainly implements the industry standard of Pulp (Plant Fiber) Molded Disposable Food and Beverage Utensils Production Line, which was released on 2014-07-09 and implemented on 2014-11-01.

  In order to meet the quality requirements for export, the products of this project should also comply with the hygienic standards for food packaging of the U.S. FDA, the European SGS, and the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (Ministry of Health).

  Third, the main application areas of the product

  Pulp molding environmental protection packaging products is a widely used new green packaging materials, in food, agriculture, household appliances, medicine and health care products, industrial building materials, military and many other industries have a wide range of uses for internal and external packaging of products.

  (A) environmentally friendly food packaging

  In addition to fast food utensils, many edible semi-finished products, cooked food and convenience foods can be used in environmentally friendly packaging, such as vegetable trays, instant noodle bowls. Environmental protection packaging products are not only easy to use, but also clean and hygienic, recyclable, in line with environmental protection and human health requirements. The use of environmentally friendly paper-based materials in food packaging has become an international practice.

  (B) environmentally friendly medicine and health care products packaging

  The biggest problem in the use of traditional medical instruments is the incomplete disinfection, easy to form cross-infection, if you switch to the project's environmentally friendly products, such as disposable trays, spittoon, commode, body pads, splints, etc., not only to eliminate the need for disinfection, saving labor, and its waste can be directly incinerated, coupled with non-toxicity, no side effects, which has brought a lot of convenience to the medical care.

  (C) environmentally friendly home appliances and daily necessities packaging

  At present, China's electrical products, the vast majority of the use of styrofoam as liner materials, but now foreign countries have banned the import of such packaging, China's liner packaging must take the "paper instead of plastic" road. The use of paper mold materials made of liner, not only has the plasticity, cushioning force, and the production process is concise, will not cause environmental pollution. Such products are highly adaptable and have great production potential.


(D) environmentally friendly industrial building materials packaging

The internal and external packaging materials and building materials required for industrial products, some of which must have high strength and compressive stress, and some of which must have moderate softness and elasticity, in order to adapt to the impact of gravity and pressure and other aspects of the requirements. Due to the physical strength and physical properties of the plant fiber itself, making the paper mold environmental protection industrial building materials packaging materials in the stiffness, tensile strength, tear strength, bending strength and anti-static protection has significant advantages. Can be used in a large number of strong transport packaging, industrial products, liner, fragile products, cushion, plant fiber environmental protection ceilings and so on.

(E) environmentally friendly military and special product packaging

Arms products are afraid of impact, avoid static electricity, aversion to moisture, its packaging, transportation, storage are required to be extremely cautious. This project produces paper mold material plasticity, moisture-proof and anti-static, such as adding special additives can also prevent shallow radiation, used for ammunition, explosives, gunpowder and other items of packaging lining, can greatly reduce the danger of arms management.

In addition, the paper mold environmental protection packaging materials can also be added by adding different additives, the application of paper within the sizing process, so that different materials have different professional performance, including water-blocking (moisture) performance, oil (heat insulation) performance, anti-static performance, anti-shallow radiation performance, so that the use of paper mold environmental protection packaging materials has been greatly expanded.

Environmentally friendly home appliances and daily necessities packaging, before the vast majority of China's electrical appliances using foamed plastic as a liner, but now foreign countries have banned the import of such packaging, China's liner packaging must go "paper instead of plastic," the road. The use of paper mold materials made of liner, not only has the plasticity, cushioning force, and the production process is concise, will not cause environmental pollution. Such products are highly adaptable and have great production potential.