Dec 19,2023

Xinchuang pulp molding enterprise in the equipment selection how to assess the capacity of the equipment

  The capacity of pulp molding machine equipment is the main index of pulp molding production line. How to assess the capacity of pulp molding equipment, there is a lot to learn. For example, the pulp molding equipment with a calculated capacity of 1 ton or higher, the actual capacity is only 650 kg, or even 500 kg, and the actual capacity ultimately fails to reach the design capacity. But the equipment capacity directly determines the cost and plant capacity.


  1, how to measure the capacity of pulp molding equipment

  The production of different products, the output is different, in order to facilitate the comparison of the capacity of the equipment, the national industry standard unified provisions of the standard 10-inch disk (21 grams) of daily output as a standard to measure the assessment of pulp molding equipment capacity, but in actual production 10-inch disk weight is basically 20 grams. So the equipment sales contract equipment capacity indicators, generally also 20 grams of standard 10-inch disk as a measurement standard for assessment.

  2, the actual capacity and design capacity of the capacity gap is mainly due to capacity calculation "skills" caused by

  Technique ①, with a higher gram weight of square box products to measure the capacity of the equipment

  The same machine can produce 1 out of 9 20 grams of 10-inch discs 600 kg per day, can also produce 1 out of 10 40 grams of square box products 1-1.2 tons per day. It is easy to create an illusion of capacity until there is a differentiation between the metrics. A 600 kg per day machine can be mistaken for a 1 ton machine.

  Tip ②, to 9 inch disk 16 ± 2 grams to calculate and assess the yield

  9-inch disk as a measurement standard, 9-inch disk standard weight is 15 grams (14 ~ 15 grams), the national industry standards allow gram deviation is ± 5%. Then 9 inch disc standard weight deviation is ± 0.75 grams, 9 inch disc standard weight maximum value is 15.75 grams.

  Some equipment manufacturers to 16 ± 2 grams to calculate the yield, that is to say, 9-inch disk can be calculated with 18 grams or assessment of production, more than the normal 15 grams 3 grams, has exceeded the normal ± 5% (± 0.75 grams) range. This technique makes his equipment capacity 20% higher than the normal said capacity. 800 kg capacity of the equipment becomes 1 ton capacity of the equipment.

  Tip ③, 24 hours to calculate the output

  Daily start-up time must be set aside 1 ~ 1.5 hours of normal discount time, the daily output is not to 24 hours to assess the calculation. Because of the industry norms, even if the equipment does not stop working for a minute, 1 hour of normal discount time must be set aside each day for shift checking, normal maintenance and cleaning, and so on. One hour less will result in a 5% difference in capacity for this item.

  Tip #4, Calculate capacity without margins

  Calculate the capacity of pulp molding equipment, there must be a 10% margin, because the gap between the actual and theoretical calculations, the calculation of capacity must have a 10% margin reserve to ensure that the actual capacity, so that the equipment acceptance is likely to pass.

  Tips ② - tips ④, capacity deviation = 20% + 5% + 10% = 35%, that is, using the calculation method of tips ② - tips ④, the pulp molding equipment with a claimed capacity of 1 ton, that is, about 650 kg of pulp molding equipment.