Dec 19,2023

Pulp Molding Industry Strategic Investment Feasibility Analysis

  Pulp Molding Project Feasibility Issues

  Pulp molding [plant fiber molding] so far, or a niche industry, the need for more power to join, to promote the development of the industry, so that our pulp molding industry, for the global cause of plastic ban to make greater contributions. Looking forward to this industry, this field to become China's beautiful business card in the field of environmental protection.

  Pulp molding industry is one of the few in China, the world's leading industry in the field of environmental protection, along with the rapid development of the global ban on plastics, the importance of the pulp molding industry has also come to the fore, and along with the advancement of the global ban on plastics and began to develop rapidly, it is expected that in the next five years, the pulp molding industry will have hundreds of billions of dollars of market growth.

  At present, China's pulp molding industry equipment is experiencing from manual to automatic, from small capacity to high capacity, from rough to fine process, along with carbon neutral, global ban on plastic, the industry equipment requirements are getting higher and higher.

  At present, the pulp molding market is still used in the high-end market, along with the increase in demand for high-end products, as well as the development of pulp molding line, cost reduction, people pay attention to environmental protection, this industry will get faster development.

  Accompanied by the acceleration of the global ban on plastic process, pulp molding tableware industry ushered in a major development opportunity. Pulp molding industry data is not complete, here only estimate the domestic market in the tableware market and agricultural packaging market size.

  Along with the rapid development of the industry, the industry's demand for capital is also increasing, more and more leading companies in the industry have plans to raise funds through the capital market to improve R&D capabilities, expand production scale, meet market demand and achieve better market results.


  The following is a summary of the market analysis:.

  Part I Tableware Market Size Big Data Analysis, just to put a total figure, the total market size of Pulp Molded Plastic Products in Tableware category is $48.372 billion.

  The second part of the agricultural products market pulp molding products market analysis

  Agricultural products pulp molding demand is 37.236 billion yuan.

  The third part of the industrial products packaging, this is also currently tens of billions of dollars of market, the future is promising.

  Annex is a detailed analysis of the data. Not to repeat here.

  This is only an analysis of the domestic market, overall, the international market several times the domestic market, looking forward to your participation.

  Attachment:Data Analysis

  The first part of the tableware market size big data analysis

  Assumptions: the nation strictly enforces the ban on plastic, and pulp molding accounts for 30% of the disposable tableware market.

  There are three main categories in the tableware market, one category is traveling, one category is takeaway, and one category is home and restaurant packing.

  Big data analysis of tableware consumption in the tourism market:

  From the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we learned that in 2019, the number of domestic tourists was 6.006 billion, an increase of 8.4% compared with the same period of the previous year; the total number of inbound and outbound tourists was 300 million, an increase of 3.1%; the total annual tourism revenue of 6.63 trillion yuan was realized, an increase of 11% year-on-year. The comprehensive contribution of tourism to GDP was 10.94 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.05% of the total GDP. Tourism directly employed 28.25 million people, and tourism directly and indirectly employed 79.87 million people, accounting for 10.31% of the country's total employment.

  These tourism-related employees are basically disposable tableware consumers, the average daily consumption of about 2 yuan per person tableware, so the annual consumption of 2 * 300 * 79.87 million = 47.922 billion yuan

  Tourists 6.06 billion, each person traveling an average of 5 days, 2 yuan per day tableware costs, a total of 60.6 billion yuan.

  Of course here inside will not be all pulp molded plastic, according to 30% estimate, the tourism market pulp molded plastic tableware market size of 32.556 billion.

  Here is another analysis of the takeout market.

  Calculated according to each takeaway 30 yuan, of which the cost of tableware according to 1 yuan to calculate, takeaway market tableware cost 21.666 billion. Which is also 30% for pulp molding words, takeaway pulp molding market is 6.5 billion yuan.