Nov 22,2022

【 Hot spot 】 Foshan Zhiyuan's explosive thinking, winning customers' favor with extreme cost-effectiveness

In Foshan, Guangdong, the output value of the equipment manufacturing industry cluster has exceeded one trillion yuan in the past five years, becoming a shining business card of Foshan manufacturing. Foshan's manufacturing equipment for household appliances, machinery, ceramics, furniture, and food is well-known throughout the country, but many packaging people are not yet aware that Foshan is also the global capital of paper and plastic packaging machinery. It is home to a group of outstanding equipment manufacturers such as Huagong Huanyuan, Bishuo, Meishi, and Zhiyuan.

At present, with the acceleration of digital and intelligent transformation, and the advent of the era of green and low-carbon manufacturing, the traditional packaging industry is being reshaped. Pulp molded packaging, which has been favored for more than a decade, has finally stepped onto the stage center of the packaging industry.

On October 11th, ELLA, the head of the Yashi PACKINNO exhibition, Guan Guoping, the editor in chief of the packaging area, Koko of the Yashi exhibition, and Catrina, the paper and plastic governor, visited Zhiyuan Paper and Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. in Shunde District, Foshan City, to unveil the mystery of intelligent manufacturing of Foshan paper and plastic equipment.


In the late 1990s, the economy of Shunde in Lingnan had already spread its wings and taken off. Encouraged by celebrity entrepreneurs such as Midea He Hejian and Glanz Liang Qingde, Shunde and his group of young students studied mold equipment manufacturing, including Huang Weiqi, who later founded Zhiyuan Paper and Plastic Equipment Company.

However, Huang Weiqi, who worked in the pulp molding industry after graduation, was once considered to have taken a wrong path in his career. Because other students engaged in plastic injection molding have already become popular, Huang Weiqi has spent more than a decade of continuous hardships in the pulp molding industry.

Nowadays, the plastic industry has stagnated due to environmental issues, while Zhiyuan's paper and plastic equipment is becoming increasingly popular. In 2021, Zhiyuan's revenue reached 130 million yuan, with a monthly shipment volume of over 200 units per unit, and its products are widely distributed in the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets.

As a member of the "terrifying Shunde people", Huang Weiqi, who is calm, pragmatic, and innovative, has an exceptionally clear positioning for Zhiyuan himself. In terms of target customer positioning, his marketing strategy is not to dislike big customers, such as the company establishing business relationships with leading figures such as Yutong, Hexing, Yongfa, and Zhongxin. However, the company's marketing focus has always been to serve a large number of small and medium-sized paper and plastic packaging enterprises well.

Therefore, Zhiyuan does not deliberately pursue a comprehensive product line, but instead launches independently developed and high-quality explosive products. Zhiyuan pursues the ultimate cost-effectiveness, focusing on specialization, precision, and novelty, which greatly reduces the threshold for small and medium-sized packaging enterprises to enter paper and plastic packaging. This unique business strategy has quickly made Zhiyuan stand out. Currently, many small and medium-sized enterprises in China are using their equipment, with 70% of customers coming to their doorstep and 80% choosing to repurchase.


Foshan Shunde District Zhiyuan Paper and Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, design, production, and sales of a complete set of environmental protection packaging equipment for pulp molding. Shunde Lunjiao Town, located in the "National Machinery Manufacturing Base", has unique advantages in machinery manufacturing and supporting facilities. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity cooperation, quality, and service", which has won the support of most industry friends. It has now developed into one of the most competitive pulp molding equipment manufacturers in the country.

The company's products include: a complete set of pulp molding equipment, divided into dry and wet pressing. The main equipment is a fully automatic wet pressing automatic machine, a fully automatic robot automatic machine, a paper plastic forming machine, a flip forming machine, a wet pressing hot press (oil pressure and air pressure), a dry pressing hot press, a trimming machine, a hydraulic pulp crusher, a V-groove machine, a ring cutting machine, an automatic glue spraying machine, a steam water separation system, and a water treatment system. Pulp molded products, dry pressing, wet pressing high-quality products, egg trays, egg boxes, work bags, etc. Company address: Zhenxing Road, Sanzhou, Lunjiao, Foshan City, factory address: Hecheng Industrial Zone 1, Heshan, Jiangmen.

During the equipment production process, Zhiyuan Paper Plastic strictly controls quality, grasps every production link, and completes inspection and recording of the production process. Quality oriented, striving for excellence "is the company's business policy. Zhiyuan Paper Plastics deeply understands that high-quality products are not produced through inspection, but through careful production. Therefore, every equipment and process must undergo strict testing to prevent defective products from leaving the factory. This is a commitment to customers.