Jan 01,2024

World Earth Day | Are you concerned about the issues behind the $1.2 trillion packaging market?

According to a study by Smithers in "The Future of Packaging: Long-Term Strategic Forecasts to 2028," the global packaging market will grow at an annual rate of nearly 3% to more than $1.2 trillion by 2028.

The packaging industry has enjoyed rapid development, but behind this lies a huge waste of resources, environmental pollution and other problems. In recent years, news about marine garbage has come to light one after another around the world: manned submersibles have encountered pieces of garbage in the nearly 2,000-meter deep sea; plastic bags of garbage have been found in the 10,000-meter seabed of the Mariana Trench; and more than 90% of petrels have been found near the Danish coast with plastic products in their stomachs while they died of starvation.



The world is witnessing an unprecedented "green revolution". Packaging industry is also facing a new situation, that is, in the development of the packaging industry should also consider environmental issues. The management of environmental problems caused by packaging waste has reached a point of urgency, and it is a general trend to increase the recycling of packaging.


"Paper instead of plastic" has become a global packaging industry, a major trend in the packaging preferred solution, many environmentally friendly products have penetrated into our lives, pulp molding is one of them.


In the global implementation of the era of banning and restricting plastic background, pulp molded products with its wide range of raw materials, non-polluting, easy to degrade, recyclable and renewable distinctive features and environmental protection style is unique, so that it stands out in the various types of flurry of plastic material substitutes, not only to become the current tide of environmental protection in a bright landscape, but also to become the most effective way to prevent and control the "white pollution! One of the most effective ways to prevent "white pollution".

Pulp molded industrial products lined with shockproof packaging products industry is the rapid development of the sunrise industry in recent years, with its good shockproof performance, "waste" utilization, recyclable, easy to decompose, non-polluting environmental protection advantages and the cost is lower than the traditional packaging (EPS) foam cost advantage, by the foreign capital in China, joint ventures and domestic export enterprises It is favored by foreign-funded and joint-venture enterprises in China and domestic export enterprises.


Pulp molded plastic packaging products are completely recyclable plant fiber pulp or waste paper as a base material, using a unique technology made of a wide range of food (medicine) products, electrical packaging, planting seedlings, medical utensils, crafts and fragile bottom cushioning packaging and other fields of non-polluting green environmental protection products.

Pulp molded products production basically no "two wastes" emissions, coupled with a reasonable water treatment system, basically can achieve zero emissions, the entire production process is no risk of environmental pollution.