Nov 09,2023

How to distinguish the production process of paper pallets from wet pressing and dry pressing?

The production process of paper pallets is divided into dry pressing method and wet pressing method: dry pressing method Paper pallets: in short, they are dried or baked before hot pressing. The specific characteristics are as follows:

Environmental protection: Raw material waste paper, recyclable, chemical free, pollution-free

Protection: The fiber inside forms good shock resistance, and the three-dimensional strength structure provides good protection for the product

Storage: Stackable storage, reducing storage space by 1/2

Cost: Unit price lower than foam adhesive; The outer packaging volume of the product is slightly smaller, and more containers are used to reduce costs

Moisture proof: After packaging, it can absorb excess water during transportation, enhancing the moisture-proof effect of the product

Image: Using environmentally friendly packaging can enhance the company's product image and avoid international trade barriers

Wet pressing paper holder:

1. Raw materials: We use raw materials such as log (paper) pulp, sugarcane pulp, newsprint, black cardboard, etc. We offer pure white, milky white, gray, black, and other colors for you to choose from. All of them are environmentally friendly materials, with hygiene indicators reaching food grade and passing FDA testing in the United States.

2. Quality: The surface of the product is bright and exquisite, highlighting the brand's product grade and enhancing the added value of the product.

3. Technology: Adopting hot pressing one-time forming technology, high production efficiency, ensuring timely supply.

4. Environment: Designed as a fully enclosed air-conditioned production workshop according to food grade standards, clean and tidy.

5. Product appearance: High smoothness, the paper holder is molded through upper and lower molds, and both inside and outside can achieve the same smoothness, without roughness or fuzzing;

6. Product accuracy: Due to the unique nature of the equipment, the mold is processed by a CNC center, with a minimum fillet of R2, which is extremely accurate and can fully fit every angle of the product, protecting it like a snug underwear;

7. Not easily deformed: Through the mold drying process of the equipment, the produced paper tray only contains 1% moisture, so it will not deform due to moisture weathering when stored in nature;

8. Scope of application: Our paper tray is suitable for some high-end, lightweight, exquisite electronic products that can enhance the added value of your products. The company currently supplies paper trays for mobile phones, digital electronic products, set-top boxes, cosmetics, repeaters, and small medical devices.