Dec 14,2023

Precautions and advantages of using pulp molding equipment

  Technology promotes industry change, for the thermal packaging industry, from the traditional wood and plastic packaging products can no longer meet the market demand in the long run, but also does not meet the national sustainable development strategy and environmental protection policy. Therefore, the new pulp molding equipment came into being. Then, the following is to understand the use of pulp molding equipment precautions and advantages.

  Pulp molding equipment is different from conventional molding equipment, double ring breaks the dilemma of single mold manufacturing, avoiding manufacturers to buy multiple sets of molding equipment due to the demand of supplying many different molds. Pulp molding equipment has the ability of multi-line production, one set of machine can produce and manufacture many different types of splicer products, which can be accomplished by simply replacing the molds of the corresponding products.


  Our pulp molding equipment has formed an automated production line, in the daily use, need to pay attention to the following related matters

  1、Molds are often in operation due to frequent use and constant friction. Then, in order to reduce the friction degree between the mold and the equipment, to extend the service life of the mold, our staff should provide good lubricant to the mold before use, to avoid the excessive use of the mold damage caused by the case of;.

  2, the prepared pulp in the mold is prohibited in the molding process with direct contact with the hand, such as want to check the mold molding progress, you must stop the machine before the relevant checks, to avoid equipment operation process hand involved in the machine is damaged;.

  3, the mold pulp molding success out, we need to carefully clean up the original mold. For example: whether there is pulp residue on the inner wall of the mold, remove it in a timely manner, coated with antirust oil to avoid rusting of the mold.

  4, pulp molding equipment in the daily work, must use special clamps, special trailers and other professional tools for the product pick and place and stacking;