Dec 14,2023

Development trend and process characteristics of pulp molding equipment

  Pulp molding equipment products of raw material sources, processing procedures and recycling process in line with the concept of environmental protection, in the field of packaging aware of the serious environmental problems brought about by foaming, plastics and other materials, pulp molding processing procedures, as well as mold design, improvement of processing equipment and other research. Then, the following is to understand the development trend of pulp molding equipment and process characteristics.


  Research trends and development status outlook of pulp molding equipment products:

  Secondly, it describes the current research direction, achievements, research methods, etc. of pulp molding equipment, discusses the application of related technologies in the field of scientific research and processing, and looks forward to the future need to solve the engineering, material performance improvement, new development and other topics.

  At the end of the 20th century, the research of pulp molding equipment products to replace foam has attracted much attention, and the related processing technology and performance have improved significantly over the past 20 years. From the scope of application is not high agricultural trays, industrial internal packaging development to instrumentation, anti-electronic damage packaging, disposable tableware processing. In this process, the center of the relevant research from the reduction of processing costs, expand the scope of application of the method to a deeper level of the development of additives, pulp and mold physical and chemical properties of parameter measurement, processing engineering parameter design.

  Processing technology and characteristics of pulp molding equipment:

  In the middle of the 20th century, the amount of paper waste products such as corrugated paper and newspaper, which were packaging materials, increased, and research on their use as paper molding materials began with consideration of the reuse of waste ground. Due to the rapid success of the research on this processing technology, the processing equipment and processes for paper products were relatively simple, and the countries and regions plagued with the problem of waste paper disposal expanded rapidly. In the face of competition from foam, which has low processing costs, over the past half-century, paper molding has had an unparalleled and enormous advantage in environmental protection, and as awareness of environmental issues has deepened, the research and processing of paper molding has been supported.

  Overview of pulp molding equipment processing technology

  The principle of the process of pulp molding equipment products is very simple. The processing equipment used in some of the projects is also almost the same as that of an ordinary paper mill. Raw material processing and pulping process can be directly used ordinary paper making equipment. The process of molding is the process of forming and shaping, which play a decisive role in the performance and apparent quality. Backside forming is the process of vacuum attaching the raw stock to the mold. In this process, the pulp in plant fibers and other solid components evenly distributed on the surface of the mold, but part of the moisture through the vacuum adsorption is pressed by the mold filter, the back between the water content, vacuum and other processing process parameters determine the water content of semi-finished products. Pulp molding equipment and its processing process characteristics

  Pulp molding equipment and its processing process is first of all environmentally friendly characteristics, not only can be recycled waste paper products and other natural plant fibers as raw materials, the product itself can be recycled many times, rapid natural degradation. Therefore, the processing and use of pulp molding equipment has little impact on the environment, but also solves the problem of disposal of waste paper products.

  The above introduction is the development trend and process characteristics of pulp molding equipment. For more information, feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience and is always looking forward to your joining us.